Avraham (Rami) Aizenbud

אברהם (רמי) איזנבוד

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Rockford Editor

There was a nice game from the 80's called Rockford. I liked to play it, so after I finished all the levels I decided that I have to write an editor for it.

Download the editor

How to use?

Copy the content of the zip file you have just downloaded to the game directory, than run the m-file "Reset.m" on Matlab. It will fill the folder "Map" with maps. You can now edit the files in this directory (keeping their size and name) according to the file "codes.txt". Then run the m-file "UpdateMaps.m" on Matlab. Now you can play Rockford with your own maps.


1. There are 8 levels in each scenario, but only the first four are in the game, so now you can try the others.

2. I don't know how to change the time you have at the beginning and the number of coins you have to collect, so you will have to add clocks and coins to some of the extra levels to be able to pass them.

3. You can download the game from here, I assume that they have the rights to distribute it.