Avraham (Rami) Aizenbud

אברהם (רמי) איזנבוד

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Web Page Generator

A common problem in making a web page is the need to support several html files which have similar parts. There are various solutions for this problem that appear on the web. However, all the solutions I have found depend on some script that runs either on the client level or on the server level. Each of this options have its own problems. Also, none of these solutions fitted my needs.

So, I wrote a Matlab script that generates a new collection with duplicates, from collection of html files without duplicates.

Download an example of usage

How to use?

Run the function web_gen2 with a one optional variable which is the address of your website. It will create new files from the files that are in the directory input and will put it in the directory output. Now you can change the content of the directory input according to your needs.


1. Before editing the file "search_template.html" read the functions "add_search" and "Get_search_template".

2. Before editing the file "captions_template.html" read the functions "create_caption" and "Get_captions_template".

3. The file "search_on" is empty and simply tells the script that you want a search engine on your page.